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Typhoon H3 Gallery

Captured with ION L1 Pro

Three professional photographers - and the ION L1 Pro co-engineered with Leica. Tomas van Houtryve, York Hovest and Alexander Ahrenhold made a photographic journey across Europe. These are the most impressive shots.

Tomas van Houtryve

Altered Landscapes - Man vs. Nature

Belgian photographer, author and conceptual artist Tomas van Houtryve combines investigative journalism with philosophy and metaphor. In his projects he highlights topics which often eludes the mind's eye. He thematizes conflicts between identity, ideology, boundaries, relationships and the influence of human actions. With the ION L1 Pro "co-engineered with Leica", Tomas van Houtryve visualizes the human intervention in nature. The pictures were taken in the Swiss Alps.

York Hovest

Beautiful And Fragile - Our Nature

As a photographer and author, York Hovest travels the world, always on the lookout for inspiring stories. His thirst for knowledge and love of adventure have taken the National Geographics author to various parts of the world already. His work focuses on nature, mankind and their culture. On his expeditions he captures impressive snapshots of peoples and cultures as well as an almost untouched nature, its transience and its destruction by mankind. In doing so, York Hovest has set itself the task of pointing out the grievances in the world. He uses his photographs as a platform to create more awareness and attention for the transience of our earth.

York Hovest on Instagram

Alexander Ahrenhold


Alexander Ahrenhold has been fascinated by nature ever since. At an early age he discovered his passion and enthusiasm for photography. With his keen sense of observation, the passionate nature photographer from Germany captures the special atmosphere of wildlife and nature. As a forester, Alexander Ahrenhold has also recognized the benefits of drone technology for his work and has been successfully using Yuneec products for several years.