Breeze 4K

Easy, Safe, Social

Breeze Cam App

Use the Breeze Cam app to manually fly the drone, use automated flight modes and edit photos. Share your photos and videos instantly to your favorite social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Fully Automatic Creative Modes (Task modes & VisionTrack)

When creating Breeze it was our vision to actualize a product that was incredibly easy for anyone to use and that’s why we’ve custom designed 5 automated flight modes that give you the ability to focus on capturing the most epic content of yourself instead of controlling the drone. When flying your Breeze you can choose from one of the 5 automated flight modes; Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, and VisionTrack. 

Selfie Mode

Easily position Breeze to snap the perfect aerial selfie - prior flying experience not necessary.  Whether you’re adventuring with friends, out solo, or spending time with family, capturing the moments worth remembering are easier than ever.

Pilot Mode

If you desire more control, Pilot mode allows you to fly using manual control. 

Orbit Mode

In Orbit mode, easily task Breeze to orbit around you or an external object. 

Journey Mode

By using camera pitch to calculate the trajectory of the aircraft, Breeze will fly away from you and then back to you. 

Follow Me Mode

Live in the moment and let Breeze do the work. In Follow Me, Breeze uses GPS to track your movement.

Indoor Positioning System

Thanks to the built-in Indoor Positioning System (IPS), Breeze can hold its position both indoors and outdoors.

Propeller protectors

Recommended for flying indoors, propeller protectors prevent the propellers from coming into contact with other objects.

Ultra-light and compact

At just under one pound, Breeze is the ideal flying camera that can be taken anywhere. Foldable propellers and an included carrying case make Breeze compact for easy transport