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Drone Accessories For Typhoon H Plus

Bumper Cage

The Drone Cage for is designed to withstand collisions and knocks, making it easy to operate your drone indoors and in hard to reach, confined spaces. Sensitive machinery and equipment are safe as the cage completely minimises the risk of any damage. The Drone Cage provides 360° protection from every angle, opening up a whole new way of performing inspections and surveys in sensitive environments. Thanks to its intuitive design, the landing gear is always available.

Skyview FPV Headset

Use the Skyview FPV goggles to secure your place in the cockpit of your copter and see exactly what the drone sees and records. The high-resolution and built-in 5-inch (12.7 cm) HD screen features brilliant live images in 720p HD. Skyview also features a 75.5° field of view and a 16:9 aspect ratio for a stunning, life-like display. Thanks to its light weight and the soft padded mask, you can wear the Skyview FPV goggles for as long as you like. The headset can also accommodate users who wear glasses.

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Transport Case

With the transport case, your equipment is protected even when traveling. The rugged trolley case offers sufficient space for the entire H520 equipment and for other accessories. The custom made foam inlay and the dust-tight and waterproof material ensures that your equipment is kept safe under all conditions. The case can be locked with a padlock and equipped with rubberised handles.

ST16S Multi Charger

The YUNEEC ST16S Multi Charger allows you to easily and conveniently charge your ST16S batteries without loosing time to fly. So far, when charging your batteries, you had to use the ST16S' direct charging port - therefore the remote control was not operational during the charging process. The ST16S Multi Charger offers three charging connections, which are loaded serially one by one. With its compact size and small weight of only 161 g, the charger quickly finds a place in your pocket and can be taken anywhere.

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DY5 Dual Charger

With the DY5 dual charger you can quickly and easily charge two YUNEEC H520 and Typhoon H Plus batteries at the same time. Insert the batteries into the prefabricated battery compartments and the charger will start to charge your batteries automatically. The DY5 is equipped with two separate color screens which display charge time, cell voltage and real-time battery capacity. The convenient „storage“ function prepares your battery cells for optimal storage conditions. Especially helpful if you don’t want to use your battery for some time.

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Lume Cube Light

With the Lume Cube lights you always remain operational, no matter at what time of the day. Quick and easy to assemble, the lights allow inspections at dusk. In addition, the drone's location is always easy to identify during flight. The brightness of the headlights can be adjusted with the Lume Cube app.

Hoodman Sun Shade

Professional sun shade for ST16 or ST16S (Typhoon H, H Plus, H3, H520). The Hoodman sun shade is simply placed on the remote control system and attached with clip fasteners. For easy operation of the touch screen, the Hoddman sun shade is equipped with an intervention.