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Press Release
UAV Pilot Update

Now the UAV Pilot Flight Simulator is compatible with the ST16S of your H520 or Typhoon H Plus. With the UAV Pilot you will experience a simulation of different flight modes in photo-realistic scenery. Connect your remote control, choose one of the integrated Yuneec Copter, adjust the wind speed and wind direction and your flight training can start. As in real flight, you’ll get virtual telemetry data on the remote control display and stay in contact with the aircraft. 

Learn how to bind your ST16S to the UAV Pilot software

Technische Voraussetzungen zur Verwendung des UAV Pilots:

  • Compatible with Windows (Windows 7 or higher)
  • DirectX9c compatible graphic card
  • Min. 500 MB video memory
  • 4 GB main memory
  • Dual Core 2,4 GHz CPU