Commercial uses cases

Ford Motor Company

High-performance drones enable a more effective monitoring of industrial production processes. In order to carry out maintenance work at Ford Dagenham Engine Plant in the UK not only faster, but also more safely, the car manufacturer has recently opted for the Hexacopter H520 from Yuneec. With this drone, high-rise gantries, pipelines and roof areas in staggering heights can be inspected quickly and easily using the remote camera.

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Atelier d'Architecture Rivat

The Atelier d’Architecture Rivat is a French architecture studio based in Saint-Etienne and Paris, specialized in the design and renovation of high-performance buildings. Since late 2017, the firm has been using a Yuneec H520 drone which allows them to inspect the inaccessible or dangerous parts of a building, but also to perform thermographic analyzes and topographic surveys, or to design promotional videos.

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Fawn Rescue & Hunting Accompaniment

Alexander Mohr is a Helicopter and Drone operator who provides air support for Animal Rescues and Hunting with the purpose of preventing damage caused by game, saving lives and organise hunts. Alexander uses the Yuneec H520 and E10T thermal-imaging camera to identify different types of animals.

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Hensel Phelps

The H520 drones “play a pivotal role in the data we can go capture and the abilities it affords us to have on a job site.” Regarding the capability to create 3D models, William Plato, VDC Manager at Hensel Phelps says “as far as building a model, you want to go show it on that site in the real world to bridge that gap in the owner’s mind of, here’s this conceptualized building, but I want to go put it on your site. So it’s a very powerful communications tool in that aspect.”


The Centre National de Formation Secours en Milieu Périlleux et Montagne (CNF SMPM) of the École d’Application de Sécurité Civile (EcASC) de Valabre is an establishment recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior – DGSCGC – to implement specialized training for the benefit of various Civil Security players. The EcASC is particularly in charge of training in dangerous environment.

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Chasco Construction

For Michael Lambert of Chasco Construction, he comments that “one of the immediate pieces of ROI in the way I can justify the cost of the drone program for the year is by saving survey labor. I can fly a 50-acre site, process the data in two hours, and it would probably take our surveyors about 12 to 15 hours to do that.”– Michael Lambert, VDC Manager, Chasco Construction.

Kitesurfer Marian Hund

Marian Hund is a German kite athlete and Freestyle Champion who successfully uses the YUNEEC H520 for photo and video shoots during his trainings. The H520 with E90 camera is the perfect drone system for him because of its reliability and outstanding camera quality.

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Hamburg Fire Fighters

In May 2018, Yuneec provided an H520 with CGOET thermal imaging camera to the Fire Department in Hamburg to test the system under real-world conditions. The use of the H520 with CGOET has proven to be particularly effective in fires, as the thermal imaging camera was able to quickly and efficiently identify glowing nests. The drone is therefore a great addition to existing options and does not require the expensive use of a police helicopter.

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LM.Media is an Austrian-based media production company for visual story telling that successfully uses the YUNEEC H520 in their video shoots. The LM.Media team consists of a collective of cinematographs, directors, editors and musician who have already realized jobs worldwide for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, RedBull or SportingBet.

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Geo-konzept’s software and hardware solutions make the H520 an intuitive and cost-effective tool for agriculture that can be used to create and export fertilizer maps quickly and efficiently.

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Fawn Rescue

Simon Thomas is engaged in the rescue of fawns and successfully uses the Yuneec H520 for his work as well as the tasks of the BOS (rescue service, police and fire fighter). Due to its different camera options the H520 is an absolutely versatile and reliable System.

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Alexander Ahrenhold

Alexander Ahrenhold is a German forest ranger who successfully uses the YUNEEC H520 for his work in the forest. The H520 with the E90 or the CGOET thermal imaging camera is the perfect copter for him because of its reliability and swappable camera systems.

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Aquarium Wilhelmshaven

Modern animal husbandry in the aquarium means to make the everyday life of the animals with a lot of variety. Since July 2018, the Aquarium Wilhelmshaven uses a YUNEEC H520 as part of seal feeding. Equipped with two additional hooks on the landing gear, the drone brings the three seals Paul, Piet and Ole fresh fish – from above.

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The detectives of DETEK use the Yuneec H520 drone in their investigation missions to prepare for observations, for example when a large area needs to be developed, as long as the legal frameworks permits.

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Alpha Robotics

The German company Alpha Robotics, has developed a fire service command vehicle that minimizes human interaction and provides sustainable protection for emergency personnel in high-risk reconnaissance, security and fire-fighting activities.

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Berlin Radio Tower

It was a very special mission: A professional and high-precision survey of Berlin’s radio tower – carried out with the Yuneec H520. On behalf of the DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, the 368 m high landmark was inspected with a drone for the first time.

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Expressway in Tianjin Binhai

YUNEEC Surveying and Mapping Service team undertook the UAV BIM task required to produce 3D modelling in the preconstruction of a 35KM expressway in Tianjin Binhai New District. The project construction schedule was tight under harsh environment.

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