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Application Areas

The H520 can fulfil a multitude of UAV roles

The H520 is a Hexacopter with long flight times, safety and flexibility, developed for law enforcement, search and rescue, security, construction, surveying and mapping applications. Its rugged design and reliable precision compass provides a stable and precise flight envelope, and numerous safety features make the H520 the ultimate copter for commercial and professional operators.


Obtaining clean and accurate images of any inspection object can save hundreds of hours in time, and provides for a much greater safety net, reducing costs of operation, manpower, insurance, and other cost-savings. At the same time, comparable data may be generated, allowing for aging analysis, maintenance projections, and overall knowledge of the object being inspected. Turbulence and wind are no longer an obstacle in capturing precise imaging of vertical structures. Communication towers, flare stacks, antennas, smokestacks, and other vertical objects can be efficiently inspected with the precise flight of the Yuneec H520 and the Px4 flight stack. During the inspection flight, the live image of the drone can be output to additional monitors, allowing several people to participate and provide preliminary inspection analysis’s even during the flight. Hot-swappable payloads allows inspectors to rapidly change out imaging systems. For example, a wind-turbine may require both visual and thermal inspections; landing the aircraft, changing out the camera system, and return to flight takes but a few seconds. Images may be exported for reporting, input into data analysis software, stitched together for large-format thermal mapping, and more.

Application areas:

Solar panels
Wind turbines
Other vertical assets

Search & Rescue

The Yuneec H520 enhances safety at a contaminated scene, speeds rescue and recovery, and offers scene management tools through thermal imaging and resource management. Firefighters appreciate the ability to “see” through smoke and rapidly identify hotspots using thermal imaging, and the ability to gain a birdseye view of operations on a large scene. With multiple sensor compatibility, the H520 offers firefighters a “Swiss Army knife” aircraft, providing the capability to change sensors/payloads in seconds, and enabling multiple datasets for efficient, more informed decision-making. Incident commanders will instantly appreciate the Automated Takeoff-Landing feature (ATOL) of the H520 solution, along with the ability to rapidly create high-detail orthographic maps or 3D renderings of a fire scene for forensic or investigatory purposes. Coupled with a tether, the H520 may be launched in seconds on-scene, for nearly indefinite flight time. The Yuneec H520 may also be treated for high-water resistance, and dust-proof operation.

Application areas:

Rescue services


Law Enforcement agencies have broad requirements for UAV systems. The Yuneec H520 six-rotor UAV is a versatile aerial platform that can be configured to meet those requirements. Whether used for accident scene reconstruction, crime scene mapping, as “eye in the sky” for crowd control, active shooter scenarios, intelligence-gathering, or monitoring of targeted areas, the H520 offers the necessary payloads for optimal performance. Too often, contamination of a crime scene becomes the weakest link in crime scene investigation. Deploying the Yuneec H520 UAV system prior to entering a scene allows for accurate capture of data without touching the scene itself. High quality camera systems, like the E90 or the CGOET dual thermal/ low light camera with embedded GPS data enables evidence-gathering to be captured and examined before the crime, accident, or fire investigators or first-responders have entered the area.

Application areas:


Photo & Film

From flood to fire, accident to event, UAV solutions from Yuneec allow journalists to climb above the crowd and capture the moment from an interesting, captivating, and informative point of view. Video production continues to evolve as budgets and timelines shrink. The Yuneec H520 offers the ability to create repeatable, stunning aerial video quickly and efficiently and with hot-swappable cameras, bring powerful, flexible, and creative tools to the digital storyteller. The safety features of the H520 and DataPilot solution provide for confidence on any set. Production frequently requires planned and repeatable shots. The ST16S controller not only allows for pre-planning; shots and movement may also be stored and recalled for additional takes, confidently being able to repeat a series of complex movements.

Application areas:

Film production
Wedding photography
Landscape photography


Preconstruction survey, topographical measurements, project progress, and even as-Designed/as Built become concise and efficient using unmanned aviation solutions. The Yuneec H520 is designed to fly repeatable, perfect-placement flight over construction sites, providing not only measurable and demonstrable project data, but also helping to identify shrink points, at-risk areas, or security breach points. With the ability to input to most popular project management, BIM, and auto-CAD systems, an sUAS is a rapid deployment, safe tool for project managers and site supervisors to monitor/measure progress. The H520 is ideal for early damage protection evaluation, quality management exercises, or other asset evaluation techniques. Paired with the auto-gridding found in the DataPilot software, the Yuneec mapping solution provides efficient mission planning and execution. The resulting data can be evaluated through a variety of post-flight analytic or stitching software tools.

Application areas:

Building Information Modeling
Site Mapping