Handheld 4K footage

Stabilised footage in 4K

The Typhoon Actioncam combines the impressive CGO3 gimbal camera with an effective handle that stays level regardless of movements, shaky hands or wobbling, in turn, the CGO3 gimbal camera ensures stable videos and photos every time. This makes the Typhoon Actioncam ideal for capturing life’s quick moments and preserving your exploits, all in unprecedented detail. Take it everywhere you go!

Equipped with the CGO3

Thanks to ultra-high definition (UHD) video resolution, 4 times higher than HD, the Actioncam delivers high-quality video recordings with 4096 pixels and at 25 images per second, and 12-megapixel photos. It also has the ability to capture slow motion at 120 images per second with a video quality of 1080p/120 fps. Capture life in 4K with detail and realism.

Camera pitch control

The camera pitch controller enables precise camera angle control and is conveniently placed where the thumb naturally sits on the ground handle for easy control on the go.

Rechargeable batteries

A LiPo battery is included when you purchase the Typhoon Actioncam. This saves you changing simple batteries and allows fast recharge times. 

Custom stylish carry case

Typhoon Actioncam with its rechargeable battery, charger, CGO3 camera and gimbal holder are all protected within a stylish and durable custom carry case. This ensures when you travel to tell your next story, your equipment will remain in good condition and be ready to shoot your next epic adventure.

Smartphone app

The CGO mobile APP allows the Actioncam user to capture images, shoot videos and control the CGO3 gimbal camera via the smartphone touchscreen. The app is free for iPhone and Android.