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YUNEEC appointed new global CEO


On June 6, YUNEEC announced that Jiang Hao (Michael Jiang) will take over the YUNEEC global CEO and immediately take office.

Mr. Jiang has more than 26 years of ICT industry experience in management, as well as cross-cultural enterprise high-level management experience, led the R & D, product, service, marketing and sales team. Previously he served as chairman and president of Motorola Systems China, responsible for the planning and implementation of China's development strategy, also served as Executive Vice President of Ericsson China and Northeast Asia.

Mr. Jiang graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has also engaged in advanced studies at the North Carolina State University. He lived in Sweden, the United States and Italy for 16 years.

"With the growth of the business, YUNEEC is going from a global business start-up company to a truly multinational company cross research, development, marketing and sales. Mr. Jiang Hao 's excellent background in science and technology and rich management experience will inject new power into the development of YUNEEC's globalization, and promote the application of drones, this unique form of automatic robot towards a broader field," said Mrs. Jiang Wenyan, founder and chairman of YUNEEC.

YUNEEC was established in Hong Kong in 1999, keeping the leading position in the world electronic and aviation industry. YUNEEC has obtained hundreds of patents. With the core technology support, YUNEEC has successively launched the wireless remote control aircraft, manned aircraft, and the drone. The main products are multiple rotors covering different groups, different uses. YUNEEC has more than 1,800 employees in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Hamburg, etc.

2015, YUNEEC won the chip leader Intel strategic investment, launched Typhoon H with Intel's RealSense technology, can detect and perceive obstacles and automatically plan the route. It started the journey of automatic flight for the drone, a new revolution in artificial intelligence. YUNEEC Typhoon H RealSense won Best of CES Awards and Best of CES Asia Awards in 2016. YUNEEC is a high-tech company which dares to innovate and persist in dreams.

YUNEEC is in the transition period, as a global company, and it needs a scientific management system to get higher recognition in the industry and to develop a larger market. Moreover, the newly joined professional manager helps to expeditiously realize founder’s vision to promote the application of drones, an unique form of automatic robot towards a broader field.