Preview H520 Software Update


We would like to inform you about an upcoming H520 update in February. The new software provides new features and options for the E90, H520, ST16S and also the desktop variant of the DataPilot.

Among other new features, the firmware will support:

  • LED configuration
  • New log format support
  • UTM coordinate support
  • KML file format support
  • Improved picture quality
  • Custom white balance 
  • Vivid color mode
  • ST16S video playback & redundant video record
  • Different modes

New features for the desktop version of Datapilot will include:

  • Wireless data export to ST16S
  • Flight log download
  • KML import

YUNEEC consistently strive to further the development and optimisation of the H520 in order to provide our commercial partners and customers with a well-engineered system. There will be regular software updates with improvements and new features for the H520 in the future.

In doing so, not only are we following our own roadmap, but also listening very carefully to what our customers want and need. Our endeavour is to provide you with an intuitive, reliable platform which can assist you in accomplishing your day-to-day missions and objectives. 

The v1.3 update for the H520 is scheduled for release in February, and further detailed information will be available as we approach the release date of the new update.