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New European drone Regulation.

From 31 December 2020 all drone operations in Europe are subject to the same European regulation.

The new EASA drone Regulation aims to standardize the different regulations of the Member States and to regulate the civil use of drones regardless of their size or weight.

There are two documents that summarize this framework:


The DR 2019/945 will serve to define the specifications that each model must include to guarantee the safety of use:

  • C0: MTOM < 250 g
  • C1: MTOM < 900 g
  • C2: MTOM < 4 kg
  • C3: MTOM < 25 kg
  • C4: MTOM < 25 kg (+ additional Requirements).

The class identification labels will be mandatory from January 1st 2023. In the meantime, you can find the class identification on the page of each of our models.


Additionally, one of the most important requirements of the DR2019/945 is the Remote ID. This device will provide in real time a set of important information:

  • Operator’s registration number.
  • UAS serial number.
  • Geographical position and height above the ground.
  • Direction and speed of the UAS.
  • Take-off coordinates.

The Remote ID is being developed now by external entities, and its use will be mandatory from January 1st 2023.


The IR 2019/947 is a big change for our pilots and operators. For this reason, its implementation will have a transitional period until its full coverage on January 1st 2023.

For now, as the full regulation is slowly taking place, you, as operator will need to comply with the following requirements (from December 31, 2020):

  1. Register yourself as an Operator: https://www.easa.europa.eu/domains/civil-drones/naa
  2. Be familiar with our manuals.
  3. Complete an online training course provided by the National Aviation Authority (please check their website)
  4. Successfully complete an online theoretical knowledge examination (provided at the end of the online training).


What to do with my old Yuneec Drone from December 31st 2020 until the fully applicable Regulation on January 1st 2023?

You may fly your drone (from December 31st 2020 to January 1st 2023) without a class Identification label. Please note the following information:

  • Drones with less than 500 g MTOM cannot fly over people, and pilot competency is determined by your National Aviation Authority
    • Yuneec Breeze (2016)
  • Drones with less than 2 kg MTOM can fly 50 meters or more (horizontally) from people and the pilot must undergo training equivalent to subcategory A2.

This category includes the following models:

    • Typhoon Q500 (2015)
    • Mantis Q (2018)
    • Mantis G (2019)
  • Drones with less than 25 kg MTOM, can fly in areas free from people, 150 meters or more away from properties, and the pilot must undergo training equivalent to subcategory A3.

This category includes the following models:

    • Tornado H920 (2015)
    • Typhoon H  (2016)
    • Typhoon H RealSense® (2016)
    • Tornado H920+ (2017)
    • H520 (2017)
    • Typhoon H+ RealSense®  (2018)
    • Typhoon H+ (2018)
    • Typhoon H3 (2019)
    • H520E (2020)
    • H520E RTK (2020)


Additional resources:

Below you will find two useful videos from EASA, that focus on the needs of those of you who fly drones professionally and those who fly drones as a hobby:

EASA Webpage


Fly safe!


Team Yuneec Europe.