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Software Development Kit (SDK)

Extensive Programming Interface

The mobile SDK gives developers access to the hardware and software of the H520. With the SDK, you can immerse yourself in the capabilities of the H520  platform without having training in Robotics because it abstracts the complex functions such as flight stabilization, link communication, sensor management, camera control, and provides a simplified interface to deal with the components of the H520 to interact. Developers have access to a rich set of features through the mobile SDK. This includes, for example, flight control, camera and gimbal systems, real-time telemetry data, waypoint missions and video support. With the SDK, individual apps for the H520 can be developed to implement application-specific functionalities and to teach the H520 completely new behaviours.

Access to the following areas:


Data Transfer / Telemetry

  • Real-time access to telemetry data such as GPS position, speed, flight status, altitude, and battery capacity
  • 720p live vide feed via RTSP
  • Download footage via WiFi

Flight Control

  • Manual Mode - Control of the H520 with the ST16S
  • Mission Mode - Develop a mission on the mobile, upload to the H520 and carry out the mission



  • Record videos and still photos
  • Select video and photo recordings
  • Video and photo control functions such as aperture, shutter, ISO and white balance
  • Set image settings such as image size, format, and resolution


The SDK will contain: Library / Framework for import into iOS or Android projects, software simulator tool (SITL) for a simulated flight, API reference documentation for iOS / Android, sample apps for iOS and Android, sample code and tutorials.

More information on developer.yuneec.com.