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Mantis Q - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the YuneecPilot app for the Mantis Q?
Just scan the relevant QR code in the battery compartment of the Mantis Q. Otherwise, if you are on an iOS device, go to the App Store and search for “YuneecPilot”. If you are using an android device, go to the Google Play store and search for “YuneecPilot”. 


Which smartphones work with the Mantis Q?
Apple: The minimum requirement for the Mantis Q is an iPhone 6S or higher
Android: We recommend an Android phone with at least 4 processor cores (quad core) and a minimum speed of 2 GHz. Slower phones may experience limitations in advanced features that rely on processor performance (for example visual tracking, gesture control, face recognition). Phones with processor speeds below 1.4 GHz are not suitable for the secure operation of the Mantis Q.


Which operating system is required for the YuneecPilot app?
Apple: iOS 9.0 or higher (iOS9 does not support voice control, iOS10 requires Internet connection for voice control, iOS11 supports local processing)
Android: Android 5.0 or higher (voice control requires internet connection)


How do I bind the Mantis Q to the controller?
First, power on the controller and then the Mantis Q. Open the YuneecPilot app and click on the scan icon on the home screen of the app. Scan the QR code, that is placed on the side of the Mantis. This only needs to be done once - Upon next start, Mantis and controller will remember each other. Due to the DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) system it might take up to 60 seconds until everything is connected.


Can I change the control mode? 
Yes. In the remote control settings you can choose between mode 1-4.


Can I change the video resolution?
Yes. In the YuneecPilot app, you can select from four different options.
UHD (4K) = 3840x2160 @ 30 FPS
FHD = 1920x1080 @ 30 FPS with digital stabilisation
HD = 1280x720 @ 60 FPS with digital stabilisation


What is the flight time of the Mantis Q?
On a fully charged battery 3S 2800 mAh Lipo battery, the Mantis Q puts out a flight time of 33 minutes, when flying at a constant speed of 25 km/h with no wind. (Hovering time is approximately 30 minutes)


What type of battery is used in the Mantis Q and how long does it take to charge?
The Mantis Q uses a 3S 2800 mAh Lipo Battery and takes 1 hour to fully charge.


What intelligent flight modes can the Mantis Q perform?
The Mantis Q comes with intelligent flight modes such as Journey, POI (Point of Interest), and Visual Tracking. You can also fly in Angle mode to get smooth cinematographic shots, or in Sport Mode for a much faster flying experience.



How fast can Mantis Q fly?
The Mantis Q can fly at speeds of up to 21,6 km/h in Angle mode, 72 km/h in Sport and Manual mode, 18 km/h with phone (not recommended) and 14,4 km/h while flying indoors with IPS mode.


How does Face Detection work?
Face Detection is activated in the camera settings within the app. Once activated, the Mantis Q will be able to detect a face at a range from 1-4 meters. After the face has been detected, the Mantis Q will countdown from 3 seconds then snap a photo.


Can Mantis Q fly indoors?
Yes. Mantis Q comes equipped with ultrasonic sensor and indoor position system (IPS), making it safe and stable enough to fly indoors.


Does the Mantis Q automatically Return Home to its take off position when the battery gets past a certain percentage?
When the battery percentage on the Mantis Q gets to less than 20% , you will be prompted with an app interface indicating that the current battery is low. Meanwhile, the remote controller emits the low battery alarm and the aircraft will trigger an automatic return function due to low battery. Then the Mantis Q will automatically fly back to the take off point.


How does Voice Control work and how do I activate it?
Voice Recognition is enabled through the app and uses the microphone in your smart device to relay commands to Mantis Q. To activate Voice Recognition and simply “Wake Up”. From here you will be able to give flight commands such as “Take off” or “Land”. You can also give commands to take photos and videos such as “Start recording” or “Take a picture”. 
ATTENTION: The voice processing is done by Apple respectively Google.


What happens if I get a call in the middle of flying?
If you get a call in the middle of flying, Mantis Q can be controlled as usual.


Does the Mantis Q have No Fly Zones?
Yes. The Mantis Q is pre-programmed to prevent flying in national aviation authority designated no-fly zones. There are lots of great places to fly, but there are some restrictions. Make sure that you are aware of local regulations and permits before you fly! Always choose a wide-open area for every flight, well away from people and property. Never fly directly over people or animals!