Camera drones for beginners and professionals

You're interested in getting a drone? Whether you're looking for a beginner model to take selfies from a new perspective or whether you're looking for a professional drone that lets you shoot high-quality photo and video footage even in difficult conditions. We offer you a large selection of drone models for different application areas. 

In general, drones can be differentiated in different types of drones, for example hexacopters with 6 rotors or quadrocopters with 4 rotors. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose a drone, inform yourself about which model suits your needs best. 

High-quality camera drones from YUNEEC

Why you should choose a multicopter from YUNEEC?

  • Our drones for private or semi-professional use are characterized by the fact that they are ready to fly and above all easy to fly without prior knowledge or flight experience. They require no complex assembly. And it only takes a few simple steps to get the drone ready for flight even for beginners. 
  • For the commercial use of drones we offer different camera solutions: Whether you need a thermal imaging, inspection or professional photo and film camera. 
  • Thanks to the 5-rotor mode, our hexacopters can be safely controlled and landed even if one rotor fails.
  • YUNEEC drones are equipped with different flight modes for special flight maneuvers: You can get tracked and filmed by your copter, preset a flight route, orbit a point of interest and much more.


Which camera drone is the right one for me?

The Typhoon H3 and the ION L1 Pro camera developed in partnership with Leica has been specially developed for photographers and videographers who want to rediscover the world from above in a new look. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the implementation of a wide range of flight functions in combination with a 1” CMOS camera sensor, it offers you a sophisticated and perfectly coordinated overall system for you to realize your photographic ambitions. The safe and reliable hexacopter design featuring 6 rotors remains stable in the air – even when it’s windy outside. Furthermore, with the aid of the stabilized 3-axis gimbal, you can take perfectly stabilized and sharp 20 MP photos and up to 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

Whether you’re a snapshot hunter, a selfie queen, or a vlogger: The Mantis G is always ready for spontaneous recordings. Thanks to the integrated gimbal camera, the foldable drone captures stabilized 4K videos and photos in JPEG or DNG format. And with the integrated smart streaming technology and the improved and now redundant 2.4 and 5GHz signal transmission, we have significantly improved the range of the almost instantaneous live image to around 2 km.

The Mantis Q is the perfect travel drone thanks to its compact size and foldable design. Whether backpacking through Australia, on a road trip in Thailand or camping in Scandinavia - the Mantis Q flies up to 33 minutes on a single battery charge and provides unforgettable photo opportunities and up to 4K video clips from the air. The foldable and uncomplicated travel drone for small and big adventures!

The Typhoon H Plus is a smart hexacopter with a 1" 4K camera, a PX4-based flight controller and flight modes from Follow Me to point of interest to Curve Cable Cam, delivering top-notch image quality combined with high reliability and automatic flight modes that every photographer and videographer desires. 

Camera drones for commercial applications

Drones are not only used for professional film or photo productions, but also for inspections of vertical buildings or solar panels, for search and rescue applications or for fighting against fire. Drones can be used everywhere where it is difficult, dangerous or too expensive for humans to take aerial footage. 

Our camera drones H520 and Tornado H920 Plus are specially designed for very demanding tasks.

The H520 is a hexacopter designed specifically for commercial use and can be equipped with various camera options. Its flight behavior is extremely precise and stable, guaranteeing high-quality aerial footage even in challenging conditions.

Thanks to the CGO4 camera, the Tornado H920 Plus is a good choice for professional photography and videography. The CGO4 camera is the result of close cooperation between Panasonic and YUNEEC and combines the best camera technology from Panasonic with the drone technology of YUNEEC.