ST24 Remote Control

Precise and easy to control

Smart Transmitter

Not only is the ST24 an advanced 24-channel 2.4 GHz RC transmitter – the ST24 is a personal ground station that includes built-in hardware and functionality for a 5.8 GHz video downlink, 7-inch touch screen display and built-in Android powered tablet. With the convenient and portable ST24, it’s no longer necessary to use separate components to view real-time video and telemetry data during flight.

Team mode

With Team Mode, you can bind one ground station to Typhoon H920 and another ground station to the camera simultaneously. Capturing truly creative content is vastly more practical with cooperation between pilot and camera operator.

Integrated 7-inch display

Real-time telemetry data made available on the screen during flight including flight mode, altitude, speed over ground, distance from home, camera status, GPS position coordinates, and aircraft battery status. Controls expected by professionals include adjustable video resolution and white balance, while light exposure can be controlled automatically or manually, including ISO and Shutter Speed. The camera also allows users to take pictures in RAW(DNG) and JPEG format