BREEZE FPV & Controller Kit

Your virtual reality experience

Gaming fun and FPV thrills

Simply clamp in your mobile phone, put on the headset and start the virtual reality experience. You’re directly in the cockpit of your Breeze, thanks to the Breeze 4K FPV & controller kit. The supplied headset swiftly becomes real FPV goggles once you connect your smartphone. The portable Game Controller lets you control your Breeze 4K accurately via joysticks and buttons – for situations in which greater precision is called for.

FPV Kit for Breeze 4K
FPV Kit for Breeze 4K
FPV Kit for Breeze 4K
FPV Kit for Breeze 4K FPV Kit for Breeze 4K FPV Kit for Breeze 4K FPV Kit for Breeze 4K FPV Kit for Breeze 4K

New view modes

The Breeze FPV Controller features two view modes: Normal Mode and FPV Mode. In Normal Mode, your smart device is turned into a display screen and you can concentrate on steering it via controller, while FPV Mode allows you to view the images through the FPV headset to gain an entirely new perspective. Both flight modes can be called up by the Breeze Cam app for iOS (min. 8.0) or Android (min. 4.4).


The portable Game Controller lets you take control via joysticks and buttons. It’s easily rechargeable via USB and is equipped with a holder for your smartphone. The headset supplied swiftly becomes a FPV headset, thanks to your smartphone, and can also accommodate users who wear glasses. 


How does the controller connect to the Breeze?
The controller connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. Your smart device then sends a WiFi signal to the drone with the control inputs of the controller.


Does the controller give me a greater range?
No. The range remains the same as your smart device (up to 100 m).


Can I use any FPV headset?
To use the Breeze FPV function, you can use any headsets that connect to your smartphone.


What other things can the controller do? 
The controller allows you to take photos, record videos, tilt the camera, take off, and automatically land.


How can I connect the controller with my Android/iOS smartphone?
Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Four small LEDs are built in on the side of the controller (underneath the Yuneec logo between the control sticks). To connect the controller with an Android device, press 'Power' and 'B' simultaneously when starting the controller. Hold the button down for a couple of seconds until the left LED starts to flash. With an iOS device, press 'Power' and 'Y' – the LED second from the left will start to flash.