Designed for professionals

The result of successful cooperation

Yuneec has developed the CGO4 in close cooperation with Panasonic® to combine Panasonic’s camera quality and Yuneec’s award-winning engineering. The CGO4 camera features a 3x optical zoom lens, 16 megapixel photos, 4K-resolution video and distortion-free picture quality. The zoom lens can be adjusted either by sliding the zoom picker on screen or pushing the K6 Slider to a certain position.


Lightweight, easy, safe and secure

Compared to traditional DSLR cameras, the CGO4 gimbal camera enables a longer flight time on the Tornado H920 thanks to its lightweight design. Use your remote control while in flight also to view and track real-time footage of your flight and access and manually adjust camera settings and functions such as zoom, ISO and shutter speed by tapping the icons on the screen. The CGO4 can be operated either in Single Mode or Team Mode. Single mode allows users to control the pilot camera and aircraft with the remote control, while Team Mode ensures the cameraman can focus on getting the perfect shots, without having to worry about the complex aircraft controls.

Interchangeable lenses

In addition to its industry-standard 3x optical zoom lens, the CGO4 gimbal camera is also compatible with the Olympus 12 mm, Olympus 45 mm prime lenses and Olympus 14-42 mm zoom lens. While the Olympus 12-mm lens features high focus speed and wide angle, the 45-mm prime lens is ideal for still images. It offers low depth of field, making it possible to take images where the actual subject is highlighted and the foreground and background is blurred. The Olympus 12-42 mm zoom lens features amazing resolution capacity and high image quality. It is an ideal tool to capture life’s quick moments with incredible detail.

Example of use

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The CGO4 can be mounted on the ProAction for steady air and ground shots

ProAction is a dual-grip ground handle that extends CGO4 from the sky to ground, allowing the user to capture ultra-stable footage even in turbulent circumstances. Combined with the ProAction ground handle, the CGO4 app seamlessly integrates control of CGO4 gimbal camera so that you can view a live HD video feed on your mobile device. More information on the ProAction is available here