Thermal imaging and low-light camera


Dual camera

The CGOET is an innovative combination of 3-axis gimbal, thermal imaging camera and low-light camera. While the thermal imaging camera selectively measures the temperature in the image enabling it to display relative temperature differences, the low-light RGB camera has a 20 times higher sensitivity than the human eye and can still take excellent shots even in low light conditions. Both images are streamed live on your remote control at the same time, and can be viewed separately as a picture-in-picture or as an overlay.



Key Features

  • Thermal imaging camera and 1080p low-light camera combinable and recordable (picture in-picture or overlay)
  • Temperature measurement and display
  • Heat sources are well visualised thanks to the different colour spectrums available
  • Sliding temperature detection scale allows you to focus on the relevant areas
  • Compatible with Typhoon H

Countless application areas

The CGOET is a cost-effective, safe and easy-to-use solution for countless application areas:

  • Building construction and inspection
  • Inspecting photovoltaic systems
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Fire fighting
  • Police and customs applications
  • Search and rescue

Example of use