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The E-VIVA is a full-composite low-wing aircraft with a 55.75ft (17m) wingspan. Optically and functionally it is a glider but with its 47" (1.2m) wide cockpit, side by side seating and massive canopy it creates a whole new dimension in glider flying . Self launching, using its fully retractable central main wheel, E-VIVA is extremely versatile and has outstanding performance.

Offering a further new dimension is the installation of Yuneec's 20Kw (27hp) 'Electric' power system. Powerful, smooth, quite and environmentally friendly the 'Power Drive' electric system is ideal for climb to glide height, cruising or 'get you home' should the need arise.

With the motor stopped, the fully folding propeller retracts into a cut out in the fuselage, reducing drag which can be demonstrated by its superb flight performance with a sink rate of only 2.1ft/sec (0,65 metres/sec.) at 46kts (53mph, 85kmh).

In thermals E-VIVA's perform's excellently as a 'mature' glider without the need for aileron input to hold it in the thermal. Landings are the same as any glider with the decent rate being fully adjustable using upper wing telescopic air brakes.

E-VIVA's versatility, low noise, lack of vibration and eco friendly operation truly bring a new dimension to the glider scene not currently available in any other aircraft.

The EViva motorglider program is planned to follow the introduction of the ESpyder and E430 aircraft.

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